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Channeled messages from Hairy Elder Brothers

This is the third book in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series, the first two of which were written by SunBôw. The co-authors of this book were guided by our Elders to share the wisdom that they have been taught in this cooperative collaboration to bring in multidimensional and self awareness, knowledge in healing ourselves and our planet, evolving our collective consciousness, and becoming better stewards of Mother Earth so that we may co-create healthy and peaceful interplanetary relations with all life.   

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The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3

 Earth Ambassadors Cooperation

By Kelly Lapseritis, SunBow TrueBrother and 8 other authors 

*** PLEASE NOTE: Only Kelly Lapseritis' and SunBow TrueBrother's Chapters can be read on this website. To read the book in it's entirety from all 10 authors, please purchase it on Amazon or Kindle. ***

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