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Channeled messages from Hairy Elder Brothers

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how the sasquatch messages came to be

In September 2015, Kelly Rainbow Butterfly (Lapseritis) read one of the channeled messages from sasquatch that SunBôw shared on a facebook group post. Kelly and SunBôw connected and collaborated to publish “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” online to be shared with large audiences. 

After publishing these messages online, the comments and feedback were phenomenal and many people requested a hard copy to carry around and share and thus began the process of making them available in paperback and e-book in 2016. SunBôw continued to receive and transcribe messages from Kamooh and other Sasquatch Elders and in 2017, the second book was created and released. 

Kelly was also channeling messages from several Elders and was guided to collaborate with other sasquatch communicators including SunBôw on The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3; Earth Ambassadors Cooperation which was published in May 2018. 

We would like to thank everyONE for their support of Kelly, SunBôw, and all ambassadors of the loving Sasquatch People; these books have been made possible due to your love, support, and search for Truth. It is our intent to help others heal and find their path of Light by sharing this message to humanity on behalf of the Sasquatchi Collective Consciousness.


history and prelude to the sasquatch message to humanity by kelly rainbow butterfly

On the evening of September 28, 2015, there was a rare total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Blood Moon. This eclipse was the fourth and final eclipse in a series of lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. These rare eclipses are known for causing energetic shifts and unexplained anomalies. This Harvest Moon was unique and phenomenal for many more reasons. 

Our ancient ancestors, the Sasquatch People, along with the Cosmos rejoiced during this full moon eclipse not only because of this sacred event but also because of the reconnection made between souls and the collective mission to share our experiences of love, truth, and wisdom from our Elder Brothers of the forest. It is because that evening was the first time that I read a chapter from “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.” It was Chapter 7 to be exact, and from that moment on, an obvious shift had begun. I immediately recognized this passage as truth and my own sasquatch guides were surrounding me and jumping for joy for this new reality and connection that I had made with the author, SunBôw, a spiritual brother whom I was destined to meet along my path. 

Our meeting on September 28, 2015 was an energetic catalyst to the channeling of the additional 43 chapters of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity; for the following day was the beginning of several long days for SunBôw of receiving and transcribing these channeled telepathic messages from Sasquatch Elder Kamooh. This re-connection created a flow that manifested into meeting and aligning with many more individuals from all over the world that know the Sasquatch People and their message of Love. 

The Sasquatch People and the Council of Star Elders say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising our vibration to higher levels of consciousness. It is time to know our truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to our humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking. Everyone likes the idea of saving the world, but if you try, the world will destroy you. However, if you change yourself, the world around you will change with you. 


sasquatch spiritual retreat and gatherings

This gathering is inspired and guided by Sasquatch Elders as well as many other Star Elders and Light Beings. In 2016, the planning for the first Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference for September 17, 2016. This event coincides with the meeting of SunBow TrueBrother and the collaboration in publishing The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

Once planning began for the first conference and a great international response was received, they knew they needed to add an extra day to the event and open the option for camping. Over 150 people from several countries throughout the world attended this first great event and it continues to grow every year. 

After two years, the name of the event changed to Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat since it evolved into so much more than a conference. By this time, the event was growing in attendance and activities so a 3 day/4 night immersion retreat was incorporated. In 2018, they introduced and incorporated the sharing circles in the field, ceremonies, and the multiple workshops to attend in addition to the presentations. 

Kelly Lapseritis' connection with SunBow and the transmission and publication of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books and other great works also align with this great annual gathering. In 2016, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 1 by SunBow was published, in 2017, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 by SunBow was published, in 2018, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 1 by Kelly Lapseritis with 9 other authors was published, and in 2019, Hairy Humanoids from the Wild by SunBow was published. It seems each year, more wisdom is imparted to be shared at the gathering and to take to share with the rest of the world as well. 

Several other gatherings have taken place since this time such as the annual British Columbia gathering near Slocan, BC Canada, and extensions of this that have been brought to other parts of the Pacific Northwest and plans of moving it eastward.

The overwhelming positive response that we have received from most guests is that something happens at these events that they have deemed as life-changing. Most return every year after their first visit. This event is hosted by the Lapseritis' but it is a co-creation with all the souls and energies that contribute to this great gathering in every way. We appreciate all the love, support, donations, assistance, and presence that is offered throughout these events. The rainbow tribe gathers here with their great wisdom, cultural diversities, helping hands, community efforts, and overflowing love for one another. You are the reason this event is so amazing and you are the reason we continue to have them.  

For more information about upcoming gatherings, please visit www.psychicsasquatchretreat.com. The 5th Annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat is scheduled for September 4-7, 2020 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, WA.